Hey! Thanks for checking out our motion designer position. We're looking for a motion centric designer to join our team. You're the right person if you've eaten, lived and breathed the 12 animation principles.

As a motion designer, it will be your goal spice up static designs with dynamic movements. You use motion to emphasise trigger points and grab attention on websites we produce. You should know your way around After Effects. You'll work closely with the designer to plan, strategise and prepare designs.

At Density, we strive to help you grow as a person and a designer (or possibly another role). You will be motivated to push the boundaries of motion in web design and create beautiful, intentional movements.


  • At least 1 year work experience as an animator, motion graphic artist or related fields. Freelance included.
  • Curated portfolio
  • Expert in animation principles
  • Able to estimate and plan task
  • Passion for motion and animation
  • Knowledge of After Effects
  • Your own work device

Motion Designer


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Attach the link(s) to your portfolio/project(s) separated by commas. Make sure that they are all publicly viewable.

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