Hey! Thanks for checking out our full-stack developer position. We're looking for an independent and experienced developer to join our team. You've previously developed and launched an app all by yourself. You are able to find pragmatic solutions to complex problems and deliver on time.

As a full-stack developer, you will have to be able to bring app designs to life and meet functional requirements. You are able to build robust back-end and API to interface with several platforms. It is important that you can estimate requirements and task but able to adapt to changes when necessary. You'll work closely with the designer and project lead to make sure minimum requirements and functionalities are met.

At Density, we strive to help you grow as a person and a developer (or possibly another role). You will be motivated to innovate new processes and solutions to make sure we deliver the best outcome to our clients.


  • 2+ years experience
  • Experience with React or similar front-end environments
  • Experience with Node.js and Google Firebase or similar database solutions
  • Comfortable setting up architecture for web-apps (think state management, loading strategy, separation of concerns)
  • Methodical planning of your approach to the complex problems of high end experience development.
  • High level of independence, motivation and autonomy.
  • Technological requirements will be discussed.

Full-stack App Developer


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